Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

October 3, 2017places, , , , , Standard

The gardens of Herrenhausen have elegance and beauty; in addition, they are some of the most outstanding gardens of Hannover. I visited them this weekend and as always, every time I go, I am more in love. They are huge and very well maintained. Many people visit them daily, especially tourists. Visits are more followed on weekends. I just have to tell you that if you want photos at the springhead, then you should arrive before 5 pm because at this time they are turned off and then proceeded to close at 6 pm.

In these gardens, they usually do many events during the year. There are thousands of children, athletes, and people who want to rest or train a little in the fresh air. You can easily reach from the metro station or public transport. The only problem (which is no a problem) is that there is not a place high enough to see all the gardens from above.

You must pay the entrance, but believe me that for a while to walk, to relax and enjoy the scenery will be worth it. You can go alone or with your family, just remember that you must keep it clean because it is a space that we all enjoy. You must remember that they are the closest thing to a palace within this city.

Very rarely do night shows, but if you are lucky enough to attend some, you will be awarded. So far I have not been able to go, but I hope someday I can do it.

You can even go for a picnic since they have an area available for it. In short, you can go to eat, train, sleep, stroll, so many things… That this place is a must see if you are in Hannover.

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