Erlebnis-Zoo means traveling in one place

October 5, 2017places, , , , , Standard

This article is special because it is for animal lovers like me. There is nothing better than nature than the way it reproduces itself, the variety of species, and the great differences between them.

I visited the Erlebnis-Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in Germany. It has too many species to visit. The best thing is that within the zoo recreate the natural habitats of each. It is divided into 7 worlds: Sambesi, Mount of Gorillas, Yukon Bay, Jungle Palace, Outback, Mullewapp, Meyers Hof (Farm) and Winter Zoo.

Going through all the animal worlds of the zoo made me feel that I was actually traveling. The place occupies 22 hectares and has more than 3 thousand animals. This makes it a great attraction for tourists who, as far as I could observe, were quite amazed.

Every day there are amazing animal shows, such as flying shows and hunting birds of prey or elephant show. In addition, they also make entertaining guided tours for explorers, toboggan runs, climbing trails… For this zoo you can come with children, Mullewapp is a zone totally dedicated for them.

It is a very special way of acquiring knowledge. While you are having fun at the same time you are learning. I really enjoyed it and will certainly attend every time I can, I promise that the acts will impress you.

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